Moving TIPS


Getting Prepped For Move Day

Here are some quick tips to get you prepped for moving day in advance. 2 weeks should be agood window for most medium-sized family’s to get their plan together in time for the big day.

Pack out-of-season clothing that you won’t need for a while, try and plan for someone to watch the kids or pets and cancel all services for your current house or apartment.

Most packing should be complete at this point. Let friends, family and financial institutions know about your change of address. Keep a backpack with you during the move that includes all daily essentials (phone, wallet, keys laptop etc.). Disassemble furniture as needed.

Prepare appliances (fridge, stove, dishwasher etc. If you’re storing a refrigerator, empty, defrost and clean it 24 hours before storage. Pack a bag of essential items similar to one week before your move that contains essentials. Get some rest – the big day is around the corner!

Start getting ready for moving a month before moving day!

Get boxes early

Tape nuts and bolts

Label your boxes

Change of address

Reserve storage

Disconnect utilities

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